What happened in the controversially colourful glass-walled house of Big Boss season 8, last night, has shocked everyone. While we are still reeling  under the impact of that big pol-khol episode where Arya Babbar opened his loud mouth to reveal that he was in a relationship with Minnisha Lamba, it would be wrong to blame Arya alone for being irresponsible with his words.

Clearly, Arya wanted to team up with Minissha to work out a strategy even before the two entered the house. Minissha was dead against the idea (Arya requested if he could do hand-holding with Miss Lamba in the house and get a bit…ahem ahem cosy with the babe, to fetch more eyeballs and TRP’s) Lamba claimed that Aarya called her from Ladakh to plan this move. On hearing this revelation from Minissha’s mouth, in the babe’s interaction with Salman Khan, Arya decided to blow the lid off what can be called a fiercely guarded love saga.

According Arya’s confession Lamba was in a relationship with him while the two were shooting for a film, years back. While Arya received a bad rap from Salman and the fellow housemates for digging up the past, Minissha was spotted shedding tears. No prizes for guessing that Miss Lamba will get sympathy from all quarters for maintaining in a dignified silence without indulging further in a mud-slinging game that could have possibly raked in more dirt.

It was wrong or even dirty on Arya’s part to talk about his relationship with Minissha ( if at all that is true) on national television, it was inappropriate on Miss Lamba’s part too to reveal an episode (Arya tried to team up with her Lamba, as a strategy) that occurred before Bigg Boss started. She had no business revealing the content of a rather private  conversations that happened over the phone even before the show was aired, just like Arya had no business talking about his ‘special friendship’ with Miss Lamba.

Tell us Indians who according to you opened the can can of worms and who tried to push the muck under the carpet?