She pushed, she shoved and then cried hoarse that she is NOT being treated well (if not exactly claimed that she was manhandled). Minissha Lamba tried using the proverbial abala naari card when the whole wide world watched that she got herself involved in a mess in the name of doing a task, jostled elbows for space. And then she tried to turn the tables on RJ Pritam. Well, Salman Khan revisited the entire episode with a different perspective and did not hesitate to call a spade a spade.

Remember how Minissha had claimed that she is classier that some other inmates. Salman cracked a joke on that tall claim-“Minissha is very classy. She is an amazing girl, aisa baahar waale logon ne bolna chaiye to behtar hai (not you, yourself)” said bhai.

“Those who use such lines and use the woman’s card are not woman enough, according to me”, remarked Salman. Clearly, bhai attacked the petite babe with his fury and tongue-in-cheek humour. From screaming and throwing tantrums, Miss Lamba is turning out to be the drama queen now.  The elimination round saw the exit of Natasa from the house, but the bigger tadka of the episode was the verbal exchange Miss Lamba had with Sallu Miyyan. We were also surprised to see Salman Khan himsef entering the house to meet the contestants.

Now you tell us Indians how classy or not-so-classy, do you think, was Minissha with her antics?