Bigg Boss 8 Weekend Ka Vaar: Arya Babbar faces Salman Khan's vaar this week

Weekend ka Vaar is the most awaited day of the popular television reality show Bigg Boss. Fans die to have a glimpse of their favorite star, Salman Khan, dancing and chitchatting on this show. Salman was looking his cool self in his navy blazer and for change he is not wearing an odd colored or a floral suit this week. He briefly carried the audience through the recap of the past week. Salman raised some questions regarding the nominations of the contestants this week, with special emphasis on Arya and Deepshikha’s nominations.  Hrithik’s surprise message during his visit in the house left the Kick star rather speechless.

The contestants looked reticent seeing their host and were surely expecting some bombarding for the chaos created in the house during the luxury task. But Salman took a different turn and choose to speak privately to Arya to clarify certain aspects. He wanted to understand why the young actor lost spark after his entry in the house. He warned the Babbar boy to stay clear of all issues and keep his mind open and alert throughout his stay in the house. The Dabangg star also gave him a hint of what opinion Minissha has of him. Arya was also advised by the host to enjoy his time and have fun instead of behaving like a father figure to the inmates.

After certain discussion Salman wisely brought highlight to the point that Minissha has a tendency to misunderstand certain things to the inmates, thereby creating problems. To clarify Minissha was asked about her conversation with Arya before entering the house.  Further to her reply, Arya snapped back at her disclosing certain unknown facts about them. Arya’s revelation (about Arya and Minissha’s affair) not only surprised the inmates but also Salman.

As usual, Arya found himself in a deep dirty shit after exposing much more than expected and to escape this situation he begged Salman to get him evicted. Concluding the show, Salman announced that Arya and Pritam are safe from eviction this week, while Deepshikha, Sonali and Gautam are still in the danger zone.

The showmakers have changed the format of the show and the elimination will be done on every Sunday. The Saturday episode will be kept only for discussion between Salman and the inmates of the house. Well, Looks like this will raise the interest level of the show as these discussions are sure to bring out some ‘secret spicy stuffs’ for the Janta definitely.