In the previous episode (October 28) of Bigg Boss 9, the house got its third captain – Prince Narula. Lot of changes has happened in the house especially the captain seems very different these days and we all know the reason why (Bigg Boss ke Baba). After the Friends Page task the trios, Prince-Kishwar-Suyyash almost separated ways but even that got sorted today, in the 18th episode.

Interestingly, the morning alarm for the housemates today was related to the luxury budget task. They woke up to the song Chota Bachcha Jaan Ke. But where did they know that a task was on their way titled Ssshh! Bachha Jaag Jaayega. In the previous tasks, the inmates did not complete the tasks following the rules of the house. Some or the other problems were created during every luxury budget task due to which Bigg Boss did not grant them any points. (ALSO READ: Suyyash Rai or Prince Narula: Who is the angry young man of Bigg Boss 9?)

The new luxury budget task Ssshh! Bachha Jaag Jaayega, has really tested the contestants patience. They had to perform the task without making any noise because even if they make the slightest of noise, the child will start crying. They had to perform till the red buzzer light goes off. With every task, the points will increase and so the pain. First went in Mandana – she had to put a long hat wearing its string. Prince would pull it till the red buzzer light goes off and she did it well and earned points.

Digangana took the challenge where ice was to be poured on her head. This was worse than the ice bucket challenge but the princess performed well and earned 150 points. Next came in Keith who did the charkha task but more than pain, the housemates burst out laughing after exiting the activity room. And this way Keith earned 250 points. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 9, October 28: Kishwar all set to break house rules as Prince is the new captain)

Next came in Rochelle and Vikas to earn 500 points. They were made to stand in one position while the ping pong balls hit them and they took it without making any noise.

Last was Suyyash who waxed off both his legs in a cool manner and earned 500 points. For a change, the contestants, performed really well in the Ssshh! Bachha Jaag Jaayega luxury budget task. (ALSO READ: Shocking! This Bigg Boss 9 contestant had sex for money!)

Surprisingly, the day went really good for the housemates. Adorable couples Suyyash-Rimi and Keith-Rochelle spent quality time whereas Rimi Sen was heard talking about her past to Mandana and Yuvika. But tomorrow, another surprise waits for the housemates for breaking rules of the house. Wait and watch what Bigg Boss has kept in store for them.