The Kannada version of popular reality TV show Bigg Boss kick-started last night – October 13 and host Kichcha Sudeep introduced the 13 names that have been locked up inside the house for around three months from now.

Kichcha introduced the interesting celebrities who have agreed to participate in the game show this year. The line up this season includes a lot of popular names from the television world. Following the pattern of the Hindi version of Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss Kannada has roped in a journalist as one of the contestants this year. Check out this list of all the 13 contestants from Bigg Boss Kannada:


Sujatha Akshay is a popular Kannada actor who has worked in many Kannada daily soaps. She is known for her performance in one of the most loved Kannada TV show – Radha Ramana. Before entering the telly world, Sujatha worked as an RJ and did a few small roles in Kannada films.

Kuri Prathap

Kuri Prathap is a popular comedy actor and has worked in more than sixty Kannada movies. He also joined the team of Kannada comedy show Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu. Prathap was also seen in Majaa Talkies.

Tharak Ponanna

The actor played an important role in hit film KGF: Chapter 1. His performance in the role of Daya in the film was widely appreciated. Ponanna also played the lead male actor in daily soap Raaja Raani.

Kiran Raj

Hit among young women who watch Kannada TV shows, Kiran Raj rose to fame by playing the role of Nakul in TV show Kinnari. However, he was replaced by another actor.

Deepika Das

Popular in the industry for her love for fashion, Deepika is one of the known faces of the telly world. Apart from being a fashionista and a star figure in the Kannada TV industry, Deepika is also an animal lover and popular name on social media. She played the role of Amrutha in supernatural show Naagini in Kannada.

Neha Patil

Neha has got films like Sitara and Paru W/o Devadas to her credit. She also played an important role in TV show Janumada Jodi.

Ravi Belagere

Known for his grip over the news, Ravi is one of the most respected senior journalists and is the editor of Kannada tabloid and a fortnight magazine. His claim to fame is the unique narration that he did for the daily crime show titled Crime Diary. Even her daughter participated in Bigg Boss Kannada earlier.

Bhoomi Shetty

Another name from the TV show Kinnar, Bhoomi Shetty is known as ‘Mani’ among her fans after playing the character on-screen.

Ranjini Raghvan

Ranjini rose to fame after playing the role of Gowri in TV show Puttagowri Madve. Even the show has been renamed and Ranjini has moved on to new projects, her popular as an actor hasn’t diminished. She is also the creative director and scriptwriter of Kannada daily soap Ishta Devate.

Jai Jagdesh

Another celebrated name from the Kannada film industry, Jai Jagdesh also worked in daily soaps and was recently seen playing a prominent role in Aramane.

Amrutha Ramamoorthi

Popular for her striking looks, Amrutha played the role of Vachana in Kulavadu. She also has a degree in journalism and experience of event management. Amrutha recently got married to her actor friend Raghu.

Pankaj Narayan

Son of actor and director S Narayan, Pankaj is known for his works in movies like Daksha, Padakam and Chemuvina Chilipili. His last film was released in the year 2015.

So who are you rooting for?