It is the 15 th day of Bigg Boss Marathi season 1. And it is once again Monday – when contestants will nominate each other for elimination for the upcoming weekend. After Vinit Bonde bid goodbye to the season 1 house yesterday, we now have 13 contestants inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house. You can trust Bigg Boss to throw surprises at the inmates and the audience and today was no different. The nomination process happened in a fun manner this time, perhaps to avoid all the tension that open discussion creates. The contestants got an interesting task to perform. Titled ‘Tujhi Majhi Jodi’, the task aimed at testing the bonds that has been created in the past 15 days inside the house. There were teams of two members each, and they were given different tasks which had to be completed in a stipulated time.

Not just the tasks, the teams are also expected to stay together and do every activity together – be it eating, walking, sleeping et al. The jodis that Bigg Boss made were – Aastad Kale and Sushant Shelar, Bhushan Kadu and Anil ThatteSai Lokur and Smita Gondkar, Rutuja Dharmadhikari and Jui Gadkari, Pushkar Jog and Rajesh ShringarpureResham Tipnis and Usha Nadkarni. But since Usha Tai couldn’t be part of the tasks due to old age, she requested for Megha Dhade to step in. What lies post winning the task for the Bigg Boss Marathi house contestants is immunity from the nominations.

There are many one minute games as part of the Bigg Boss Premier League but only one jodi can win. Rutuja and Jui get out of the race first, followed by Anil and Bhushan and then Aastad and Sushant. Rajesh and Pushkar finish last, but they are unable to beat Smita and Sai, who are declared winners of the Tujhi Majhi Jodi task. They get safe from the nominations and another big task lies ahead of the other jodis.

Bigg Boss asks each jodi to take nominate a person to save and one to eliminate among them, leaving all of them in a quandary. Usha nominates Resham for elimination and Resham saved Usha. Rajesh is nominated for elimination while Pushkar is safe, Rutuja is safe and Jui gets nominated for elimination, Bhushan saves Anil and gets nominated for elimination, Megha is safe as she is the captain, thus completing the nomination process. The final contestants that are in the danger zone and have the chance of facing elimination are – Resham, Bhushan, Rajesh, Jui and Sushant.

(Inputs from Laxmikant Kolge)