After watching the Day 19 episode of Bigg Boss Marathi aired on 4 May, 2018, I wonder if the contestants are not worried about Weekend Cha Vaar. It is tomorrow on Saturday that host Mahesh Majrekar will meet them and grill them over all that happened in the week gone by. And all that happened the past two days (Thursday and Friday) will definitely be discussed. The Bigg Boss Marathi house has turned into a war zone with inmates taking on each other and not caring about hurting each other – be it emotionally by saying something or physically.

On the Friday night’s episode, Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1 contestants were at their worst behaviour so far. While plotting and scheming against each other is a given considering the nature of the show and is imperative for one to survive the longest, Friday’s episode was a new low. Bigg Boss gave the contestants a new task since the winner will then be declared the captain for the coming week. While Jui Gadkari got nominated directly for being the chosen winner of Chor Police task from Rajesh’s team, Bigg Boss gave a chance to others also to contest for captaincy.

Whoever reached the confession room the first after the buzzer went off, would be the other nomination for captaincy. Pushkar Jog won this task and became a contender to Jui. Then began the tie-breaker task. However, it is during this task that the inmates showcased how rowdy they can be. Winning was so supreme, that they didn’t care when Usha Nadkarni, Jui and Anil Thatte fell down and got injured. A huge fight broke between Sushant Shelar and Pushkar where the former also used crass, abusive language. Even while Rajesh Shringarapure and Aastad Kale tried to maintain calm inside the house, they failed miserably. The day 19 episode was ruled by contestants talking at the top of their voices, hurling abuses and crass comments at each other and even physically hurting some during the game.

By the end of day 19, we saw some bonds broken forever, some people feeling embarrassed by how they just behaved, and also see Resham Tipnis, who comes across as a strong woman otherwise, broke down and wondered why did she even decide to come inside the Bigg Boss Marathi house. She confessed to Rajesh that she wants to go home otherwise she will fall into depression. Ealier, as part of the chor-police task, she and Megha Dhade had a massive arguments which perhaps took a took on Resham’s emotional being.

Tomorrow during the Weekend Cha Vaar, we are sure Mahesh Manjrekar will rake up all these things and ask the contestants to get their act straight.