Bigg Boss Tamil is in the news for quite a while. From contestants to the controversies around them, it has managed to attract the TRPs. Also, the statement made by host Kamal Haasan about hosting Bigg Boss over Satyamev Jayate created wave in the industry. Now yet again, the show and the host are in the news, this time with a new defamation case on them. A petition has been filed in Chennai court that Kamal Haasan insulted a community by handling a musical instrument in a demeaning way. This apparently happened in the episode of July 14th. The hearing will be on September 1.

As reported in an entertainment portal, it happened so that the Isai Vellalar community and its President, K R Kuhesh have special place for the musical instrument ‘Nadswaram’ . However, according to them, the instrument was handled in a careless manner and also kept on a table, which is also considered as an ‘insult’ to the instrument. So, that’s the reason! Not only this, but the community also thinks that all this was done purposely to gain TRPs. Hence, the defamation case.

This is not the first time any case has been slammed on him. Earlier, a hundred crore defamation case was slapped against him. Reportedly, a contestant abused another one with some derogatory word. Kamal Haasan did not intervene or take any action against that contestant. He was given a warning and after which a case was slapped on him. It has to be seen what Kamal Haasan has to say on this defamation case on him. What are your thoughts on this?

written by prachi kulkarni