Tamil actress Oviya Helen, who made her debut with Kangaroo in 2007 and shot to fame with Kalavani, is one of the contestants of Kamal Haasan‘s Bigg Boss (Tamil reality show) in Vijay Television. Kalavani actress is surely winning hearts with her simplicity and caring nature on the show. Oviya, from the very first day, has made it quite clear about not participating in any planning or plotting or any sorts of survival games in the Bigg Boss house. She has clearly mentioned that she has entered the house as an individual and is not willing to join any groups.

With such statements, the traditional beauty has impressed not only her fans but also the people from the film fraternity, including actor Silambarasan, director Venkat Prabhu, comedians Sathish, Robo Shankar and Karunakaran, to name a few. While going by her simple traditional looks, we may have judged the lady to be quiet and naive but proving all of us wrong, she, indeed, came across to be funny and witty on the show. Not only that, she does not need a group of people to support or take a stand for her, unlike most other contestants. In fact, she voices her opinion loud and clear whenever situations demand. That’s just one hell of a beautiful woman with brains.

Her statement to Ganja Karuppu, ‘Shut up pannuga’, garnered a lot of attention from the viewers. While many started sharing memes on social media, some released T-shirts with her quote. Also, music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja expressed his desire to dedicate a song to Oviya in his upcoming film Balloon. (ALSO READ: 15 contestants who are a part of Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss)

While the actress has been cornered by her housemates, as they accuse her of playing dirty games and nominated her in the very first week, ‘Oviya’s army’ and ‘Oviyans’ have gone crazy on Twitter in her support. So much so that an anonymous group has been created, starting a campaign – ‘Save Oviya Movement’ on social networking sites. This is now all over the Internet. The event will be held at Marina Beach between July 22 to July 26. If this is for real, then around 56,000 people are likely to attend it.
The actress is reportedly flooded with film offers.