Bigg Boss Tamil star contestant Oviya Helen, who has garnered huge popularity after she had entered the Bigg Boss house as a participant, has quit the show. Yes, you heard me. The actress has cited medical reasons for quitting the show. Reports suggest that Oviya was depressed and was not able to deal with the situation in the Bigg Boss house. Reportedly, the actress loves her co-contestant Aarav and is unable to keep herself away from him. She had been shown confessing to the Bigg Boss on the show, “I think I love Arav so much. I can’t deal with this… I can’t control it. That’s the reason I want to go.”

Vijay TV, yesterday, had put up a photograph of Oviya chatting with Bigg Boss host Kamal Haasan. Later, another photograph of Oviya in a red car was shared, which had gone viral on social media. The picture, that was clicked while she was leaving the studios, led to speculations whether or not Oviya has been eliminated. Now, it has been revealed that the actress has left the show, after spending six weeks in the house.

As we saw, on Friday’s episode, the actress, reportedly, consulted the Bigg Boss psychiatrist three times, asking for help. She says that she needs help and has to consult a doctor so requested to be a little considerate towards her problem. Immediately after that, the actress plunged into the pool demanding her exit from the show. Aarav, along with other housemates, noticed this and they rushed to the poolside to pull her out.

While Oviya claimed that she wants to quit the show as she is unfit to continue on the show, Bigg Boss asked her to bear with the housemates for little more time before they could fulfill her demand. Looks like the actress is under some mental stress and wants some professional help to cope up with the situation.

Oviya has a humongous fan base and when she was cornered by other contestants in the Bigg Boss house, a campaign – ‘Save Oviya Movement‘ was started on social networking sites by her fans (who by the call themselves to be Oviyan Army). Now that she has left the house, her fans are heartbroken. They all want her to go back in the house. It would be interesting to watch what is Oviya’s decision. Will she not return as to keep herself away from who she loves or will decide to walk in again to keep her Oviyan Army entertained? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.