Priyanka Chopra is the queen of Instagram. The gorgeous girl took a plunge into Hollywood and since then, there was no looking back! If you take a look at her profile or her fan clubs, one thing you will invariably notice are her bikini pics. Bollywood fans are always crazy of watching her slay and her bikini pics are one of best ones that she has in her insta album. We all know that she is a talented actor as well as producer. But who would think that she is the same girl on the beach, who played non- glamorous roles like Jhilmil in Barfi or Sweety in Kaminey?

Well, talking about her bikini outings, they are simply stunning. PC just knows how to carry them well. She must be pro at it. Right? Well, you are wrong! Priyanka felt shy before these outings! She is like any other girl with little inhibitions and yet she dared to shed off her shyness with ace.

While talking to People Magazine, she was quoted saying, “The last time I felt sexy in a bathing suit was when I saw myself in the mirror before I went to the beach. When I went to the beach, then it’s a different story I get a little shy.” You won’t get a hint of it when you look at her Miami Beach pictures! (ALSO READ: The Pics From Priyanka Chopra’s Birthday Vacay Will Transport You To A Different World!)












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Now you don’t have to ditch your favourite snack to get a hot bod like PeeCee. She cheekily added, “You need to be on a diet of, like, one olive. I’m not like that as a person, you know? I like my food. I could sit and eat whatever I wanted while everyone else was going to the gym.” Now you know that she is the one who knows to balance right her cravings and her diet! Coming back to her sexy pictures, do let us know your thoughts on it and wish the beautiful diva Happy Birthday in the comment section below.