As much as the picture seems rosy, the lives of TV and Bollywood stars are many times filled with agony. After ex Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi filed domestic violence case against her husband, here comes another similar story. Popular television face Bobby Darling aka Pakhi Sharma (after marriage) has filed FIR against her businessman husband Ramneek Sharma, accusing of domestic violence. She got married to Ramneek in 2016 and portrayed that the marriage is going well. However, talking to BT, she told that she was forced to do so. She alleged that Ramneek hit her, had unnatural sex and kept her under house arrest.

Talking to the daily, she said, “Ramneek would beat me up after getting drunk and accuse me of having extramarital affairs with every second man. He also usurped my property and money. He had paid the building’s security guards to keep an eye on me, and they would inform him of all my moves. He kept a tab on who I spoke with and where I went.”

Sharing more chilling details, she added, ” I have faced a lot of domestic violence. I still can’t move my left hand freely and limp while walking. My speech is also slurred. I would cry like a child and pee in my clothes while pleading with him to stop hitting me.” She also said that she conned the security guards and booked the cab with fake destination details and fled to the airport. She added that she stayed in the washroom for several hours hiding from her husband, and flew off to Mumbai eventually. (ALSO READ: Here’s The Fishy Secret Behind Mandana Karimi’s Police Complaint Withdrawal Against Husband Gaurav Gupta)

However, Ramneek has a totally different story to tell. He has refuted all the allegations made by her. In fact, he has accused her of cheating her. He said, ” Bobby is lying blatantly. She is the one who fled with my property papers, money and gold, and I have filed an FIR against her. She was after my money. I have never hit her. In fact, I went against my entire family to marry her. She lied to me that she’ll be able to conceive, but after learning that she won’t be able to, I requested her to either try IVF or adopt a baby. But she didn’t want to take the responsibility of raising a child.”

Ramneek also further accused that she is lying to get his property. He also claimed that the properties that she is talking about are not hers but his own. Well, the FIRs have been launched by both the individuals and the developments are awaited.