Bollywood actor Bobby Darling was recently spotted at Bandra family court and the buzz is that she went there to file for divorce against estranged husband Ramnik Sharma. However, she has confirmed with SpotboyE that she has filed for the divorce. Though the proceedings haven’t begun but the first counselling session has already been held. Bobby also told the entertainment portal that she is far more in peace than she was when the ugly fights with Ramnik began.

The former Bigg Boss contestant married Ramneek in 2016. For almost a year, all was well. However, it was in 2017 that she filed a complaint against her husband and in-laws of domestic violence, dowry and torture. On the other hand, Ramneek said that his wife was hungry for publicity. In the complaint, he also mentioned that Ramneek kept her locked up in a flat in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She narrated the incident in detail to the police and registered an official complaint against him. Not just that, Bobby also took to social media to launch a campaign, called For Bobby Darling on Facebook. According to the latest reports, Ramneek has been arrested and put behind bars in Tihar Jail.

In a statement to Bollywood Life, Bobby told, “He is now in Tihar Jail. The Delhi Police arrested him on May 11 and he was kept in Delhi for three days. He had applied for bail but the Court dismissed his petition. I am glad that people understood what I went through. However, she is unable to recover the money and jewellery. My lawyers are looking into the same.”