Swara Bhaskar’s Anaarkali of Araah has been in the news since past few weeks for various reasons. Since Sonam Kapoor appreciated the actress for her role and Karan Johar unveiled the poster of the film, the film has been gaining attention all over. However this movie is again in the prime focus as a bold scene from the film was leaked on the internet. The scene contains quite a bold scene where a person gropes the Anaarkali and then this scene is followed by an equally bold dialogue which says ‘Pehle Kaam, fir daam’. The scene obviously had the Censor Board of Film Certification fuming and they asked the producers to remove it from the film.

Now even though the film does not contain this scene anymore, it has leaked on the internet and spread like a wild fire. There is also one more scene where the actress is baring her back and this scene was also asked to remove, yet it has made its way out through the internet! The film that is a women-centric drama close to the reality, has many hurdles to get through it seems!

This flick revolves around an erotic singer (Swara) who is from Aarah, Bihar and sings double meaning songs. While she does this for long to make her living, her life takes a turn. A richa nd powerful person VC (Sanjay Mishra) molests her and then, instead of succumbing to the pressure, she decides to fight for her pride. Talking about the film, Swara Bhaskar had told a leading daily, ” Anaarkali of Aarah is a very special film for me. Not just because its a relevant and topical film on an important issue. When Avinash ji (director Avinash Das) had simply narrated the idea to me, I was sold. I think we have made a very courageous film that deserves to be widely seen,.” (ALSO READ: Anaarkali of Aarah trailer: Swara Bhaskar will give you goose bumps with her stellar perfomance)

About working on this character she had further added, “I have never worked so hard on any film as I have on “Anaarkali. I have got injured, fell sick, had a breakdown and everything while filming and yet strangely I never lost faith in this project.” Well, looks like  the women-centric films will still have to stumble more to see the light of the day.