Actor Richa Chadha has expressed anger on the news of a three-year-old being raped and brutally beheaded in Jamshedpur. The actor took to Twitter to condemn the incident and questioning why the prime accused Rinku Sahu is out on bail, and noting that Sahu’s mother is a police officer.

“Rinku Sahu, the lowlife who took turns to rape and behead a 3 YEAR OLD CHILD, with help from monstrous friends in Jamshedpur, was also OUT ON BAIL, cuz his mother, a police officer, got him out. Now this case! What a colossal national embarrassment! Shame on our society!” the actor tweeted.

On July 24, a three-year-old child, who was sleeping next to her mother on a platform of Tatanagar railway station, was kidnapped by Rinku Sahu and two other men. As per police report, the toddler was taken to a place near the station where she was gang-raped, strangled to death and then beheaded.

Meanwhile, the police have identified the prime accused Rinku Sahu as a repeat offender. It has also come to light that Sahu, whose mother is a police officer, had been arrested earlier for kidnapping a minor but was let out on bail.

Actor Anushka Sharma had also tweeted yesterday condemning the barbaric incident, and urged that the rapists be given severe punishment so that anyone else shudders before even thinking of committing such a heinous crime. She first wrote, “A 3 year old girl who was sleeping besides her mother at a railway station was kidnapped, gangraped and beheaded in Jamshedpur. This is so inhuman and vile, it is literally making me shake in anger. Absolutely horrifying. (1/2)” (sic). Anushka then went on to say, “I hope and wish and urge justice is brought upon this atrocity at the earliest . And punishment so severe that anyone else shudders to commit such a heinous , demonic crime ! (2/2)” (sic)