Actress Alia Bhatt recently attended the wedding of her childhood friend Devika Advani in Delhi. At one of her wedding functions, the Gully Boy star dedicated a beautiful speech to the bride revealing her childhood memories and explaining what their bond means to her. Alia took over the stage, held the mic and showered praises on Devika, whom she lovingly calls Bobby. In a few minutes long speech, she asked the groom and his family to take care of her friend and told them how they are welcoming a wonderful person in their family.

Alia’s emotional words for her friend are ruling social media currently. There’s a video of her speech on Instagram which is being widely shared with all the aww-worthy comments. Here’s what Alia can be seen saying in that video, “I am gonna first try hard not to cry. When I was younger, Bobby and I used to play this game called ‘actress-actress’ and we made a pack that everytime we were at her house, she would be the actress and everytime we were at my house, I would be the actress. But that pact was never followed because she always made sure I was the boy and she was the girl. We used to act out these beautiful romantic scenes. So VJ, I would like to say thank you for taking my part. I am hoping that I don’t have to be the boy again.”

She added, “I have nothing to say but I love you and I am happy that you found such an amazing guy because, to be honest, you are the weirdest human being I have ever met in my life. He lets you be weird and he loves your weirdness, it’s so evident. Also, his family so crazy and beautiful, we love everything about ‘crazy and beautiful’ because when you are with them, your energy is like into thousand. It’s a completely different sight but also so warm and lovely. So, thank you guys, to the Jains… for welcoming my little Devika. Please take care of her!”

The bride, Devika, was seen getting emotional and wiping her tears off as Alia concluded her speech. Here’s the video:

It’s moments like these that make marriages even more beautiful!