It was at the special screening of India’sMost Wanted that actors Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora officially posed together. Arjun held Malaika from the waist and the two smiled for the cameras. In his latest interview now, the actor has opened up on what made him feel so comfortable. He talked to a film magazine and revealed that he doesn’t want to hide anything when they are happy now.

Arjun talked to Filmfare about his relationship with Malaika and said he doesn’t want a wrong message to be conveyed. He was quoted saying, “We’re not doing anything wrong. I don’t want that story being conveyed that we’re still hiding when we’re not.” He said he and Malaika are comfortable with the media because media has given them that respect. Arjun added that they happily pose for the paparazzi because media has been kind in not asking questions or writing filth about their relationship. He explained, “We’ve come out because we feel the media has given us dignity. There’s a certain understanding the media has… they’ve been respectful, kind, honest and decent about it. That is why I felt comfortable. You recoil when there’s a certain “gandhagi” that comes with the territory. When purposely people irk you by saying, writing or asking things… there hasn’t been any of that.”

The actor, who has got Ashutosh Gowariker’s Panipat releasing in December this year, went on to say that he doesn’t want his relationship to create trouble for anyone. Arjun said he had a word with the paparazzi on not running around their houses because he wants everything to appear natural. Arjun mentioned he doesn’t want either his or Malaika’s neighbours to feel disturbed because of the attention.

Arjun also talked about the rumours of his wedding with Malaika. He said he understands many people considers his age as the right age to get married but he is not thinking about taking the plunge yet. Reiterating what he has said in most of his interviews lately, Arjun said whenever he decides to get married, he is not going to keep it under the wraps.