Bollywood hunk Arjun Rampal couldn’t help but send out an emergency note as he landed in Delhi on Saturday which was experiencing its worst air pollution ever this year post-Diwali, with the level of toxic smog reaching PM10. While the citizens have been left choking in the hazardous air of Delhi, which is eight times more than the permissible limit, there are hardly a handful who are doing a thing to curb the escalating levels of pollution.

Shocked at the lack of woke people in the capital, Arjun raised awareness through his tweet. He tweeted, “Just landed in Delhi,the air here is just unbreathable.Absolutely disgusting what has become of this city.The pollution is visible, dense smog. People arein masks. How much more disaster does one need to wake up and do the right thing? Tell ourselves we are wrong. #DelhiBachao (sic).”

The hazardous air quality has made it difficult for many to breathe. People are complaining of having irritation in the throat and nose. Some are experiencing their worst asthma attack whereas others are getting sick. Some of the easy ways to shield one from the effects of the poisonous air of Delhi include looking for an N95 grade mask that is capable of reducing the number of pollutants entering your nose and mouth. It fits perfectly and protects you from the smog. Another way to prevent air pollution inside the house is to plant air purifying plants. Aloe vera, spider, peace lilies, and ivy plants are best in minimising the pollution inside. To get rid of irritation in the throat, once can make a drink by adding a teaspoon of turmeric and honey in a glass of warm water and drink it twice a day.

Talking about Arjun, the actor is often seen laying out fitness goals on his social media handles. Celebrating the fun of fitness and physical health, National Fitness Day was observed in India on September 25 and ahead of it, Arjun Rampal resonated with all the lazy bones out there as he offered them the easiest “workout” as a part of the government’s Fit India Movement. Encouraging fans to give priority to fitness, Arjun had asked them to send in their videos flaunting their exercise routine but not before he cracked them up and set them swooning over his own viral video.

The shared video showed the actor talking while still tucked inside his quilt and with his eyes closed as he stated the reason behind the video and spilled the beans on his morning fitness routine. Next thing we knew, Arjun was on the floor on all fours and crawled his way out, though with a few added flexes and we had our easy workout goals sorted.