Actor Hrithik Roshan has found his new biggest Box Office opener in War that hit the screens on October 2 as the big Gandhi Jayanti release this year. With Super 30 beginning the year for the actor on a high note, it’s now safe to say that War is going to end the year for Hrithik on a great note too. The film has collected Rs 51.6 crore on its day 1 which is terrific and the weekend is only going to add to the moolah. Now, in his chat with Mid-Day, Hrithik revealed how he put his full faith in War and how sure he was about his character.

The actor said he wanted to do an out-and-out action entertainer for the last five years but he was not getting the right script. Therefore, when War, that also features Tiger Shroff, came to him, he was totally blown away while accepting the film. In War, he plays a RAW agent who turned rogue following some terrorist development and now, he is on a destructive mission. His character in the film is serious, intelligent, composed and strict. Hrithik added that it’s the same kind of character he likes to play on-screen.

The actor was quoted saying, “I had been waiting to do an action entertainer for almost five years. My last film in this genre was Bang Bang (2014). Also, I enjoy playing characters who are composed and intelligent. Such characters are hard to write, so I was happy when I found a script that matched my expectations.”

Another thing that is being appreciated apart from the fantastic action in the film is Hrithik’s look which is new to his fans. The actor is seen sporting grey hair and freckles on his face. The actor revealed that it was his idea to add these elements in his look. He said, “I decided to keep my hair grey. I also added freckles to my face so that people understand the years of experience this character has. Siddharth (Anand, director) was worried that fans may not like this ageing look, but I was confident.”

Now that the year has been proven great in Hrithik’s career, the actor addressed the entire discussion about being a ‘miscast’ in Super 30 as mathematician Anand Kumar. Many people deemed Hrithik unfit to play a local man hailing from Bihar but the actor said it was a gamble that paid off. “There was a lot of chatter that I am a miscast and I will never be able to pull the role off. But the film’s success was a validation for me. If my instincts are right, a film’s failure or success doesn’t matter. I was driven by strong instincts for both films,” he said.