Bigg Boss 12 contestant and former cricketer Sreesanth‘s remark, “Bekaar ki guest hai…” earned him the wrath of the trolls after the latest episode but not for long as former Bigg Boss contestant, Hina Khan, who was in the BB house as a celebrity guest, took to Twitter to clear the air. In an attempt to intensify competition for housemates and make the task challenging for them, Hina was in the house last night, dressed in a gorgeous red pantsuit, for BB Hotel task.

All was going smoothly as Hina broke the ice after meeting the contestants and got along chatting with them before coming to business and asking the hotel staff to perform various duties. She had a blast making quirky demands from the housemates as she made Deepak shave half his face and Karanvir curl his hair.

While Romil Chaudhary was asked by Hina to clean the “kalkothari”, Deepak was asked to sing songs for Hina in the swimming pool. Sreesanth, being the chief of the hotel, asked Surbhi Rana to arrange for a single bed mattress during the task. Surbhi asked fellow contestant Dipika Kakar to give her a single bed mattress to which Dipika refused. However, with the help of Romil, Surbhi converted a double bed mattress into a single bed and while Hina Khan applauded Surbhi’s efforts of not giving up, Sreesanth dismissed Surbhi’s efforts pointing out that the mattress wasn’t comfortable. This gave birth to the controversy when Sreesanth remarked, “Bekaar ki guest hai”.

This irked fans who took to Twitter to lament Sreesanth’s behaviour considering the disrespectful comment was targetted at Hina. To this, Hina finally gave her side of a clear picture as she tweeted, “My Experience inside the house: Sreesanth was very very respectful towards me and spoke to me very nicely.And infact told me that I inspired him to do KKK. I don’t think he’s interpreted in a right way on the basis of what he said about being a guest..#MySideOfTheStory #RestIsRest.”

Sreesanth’s wife, Bhuvneshwari, took to the micro-blogging site to thank Hina Khan for her kind words after reading her post. Bhuvneshwari wrote, “Thank u @eyehinakhan for ur kind words, indeed @sreesanth36 always spoke about ur performance in KKK and also said how you inspired her! What people think is beyond my control but you have spoken what u experienced and Sree would never disrespect you or anybody for that matter.”

The cricketer’s wife also shared a clip from the episode which explains that Sreesanth was not referring to Hina Khan as “bekaar ki guest”.

This clears the air that the former cricketer was in fact, complimenting Hina Khan for putting in so much of efforts for the task.