Accused of cheating and cheque bounce case, Bigg Boss 13 ‘malkin’ and Bollywood actor Ameesha Patel has been issued an arrest warrant by Ranchi court. As per the latest reports, the police even arrived at the actress’ residence on Saturday evening after a producer, Ajay Kumar Singh, filed a complaint against her for cheating him over making a 2018 release, Desi Magic.

In a press statement, Ajay revealed, “Ameesha Patel and her business partner Kunal had taken Rs 2.50 crore for making a film. They had assured to return the money after the release of the film in 2018. The film never released in 2018. When we approached Ameesha Patel for the money, she gave a cheque of Rs 3 crore, which bounced.”

As per Ajay’s lawyer, Ameesha was sued under Indian Penal Code sections 406 (criminal breach of trust), 420 (cheating), 120 (B) (criminal conspiracy) and 138 of the NI Act as she ignored the calls to payback the promised loan. Reportedly, Ameesha had met Ajay at an event where she promised to give his company, 10 percent interest and 10 percent share of the profits of Desi Magic. Totaling a sum of approximately Rs 2.50-3 crore in the next few months, Ajay made the requested payments but was denied a retun on the same when he tried to approach the actress. Receiving a post-dated cheque finally from the actress after some time, Ajay went to deposit it in the bank when it bounced. The laywer revealed that it was then that Ajay decided to file the case.

In the press statement, Ajay shared, “Ameesha and her friend Kunal started ignoring my calls. The legal notice furnished by me was also not answered by the actress. I filed a complaint in the Ranchi district court last year. Now, the Ranchi court has issued a warrant against her.”