Touted to be “India’s first sci-fi-spaceship-film”, the makers of Arati Kadav-directorial Cargo, starring “Prahastha” (a demon) Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi Sharma in the lead, dropped the teaser of the upcoming sci-fi that introduced all the actors. Promising “to go beyond”, the teaser left fans on the edge waiting for more with its concept of “Post Death Transition Services.”

Taking to their respective Instagram handles, the director and lead actors dropped the teaser which opens to Vikrant working with his colleague Shweta in a spaceship to “extract” and “transmit” people into the next life while challenging the concept of heaven and hell. While Vikrant performed the functions in the “hi-tech fable”, Shweta looked uncertain, as if not entirely convinced with the work of her senior. The two apparently work for “Post Death Transition Services.”

Watch the teaser of Cargo here:

In an interview with Mid-Day earlier, the director revealed that the movie was made on a tight budget – “one-millionth of Gravity” and shared, “It is the story of a spaceship that comes close to Earth every morning and waits for dead people. The spaceship doubles up as an immigration office for the dead.”

Inspired by the bio-mechanism of a jellyfish, the design of the spaceship reportedly faced certain obstacles while filming like recreating a part of it for steady camerawork since its ground would shake owing to its lightweight. Planning every shot in detail, Arati revealed that the team came up with methods to make the world of Cargo seem as authentic as possible.

Bankrolled by Navin Shetty, Shlok Sharma, Arati Kadav and Anurag Kashyap, the movie is written and helmed by Arati Kadav. The movie is expected to hit cinema screens in 2020.