The line “Our business is our business, none of your business” from the first trailer for Salman Khan’s Race 3 was ridiculed online, but Daisy Shah, the actor behind the words is really happy with the popularity. “We never thought that this dialogue would be taken by the audience so well. It’s really fun when people give their own version to my dialogue. It has also seeped into my house as if I have a conversation with my sister, she is like, ‘Dude, it is my business none of your business’. I am like ok fine,” she told PTI.

“I feel really happy about the response. But knowing what is going on around my dialogue, it is Salman who is the happiest so I am happy in that.” Daisy, who made her debut opposite Salman in Jai Ho, says she never asked him for work but he has always been a mentor to her. “I never told Salman I want work. When the right project comes along he will be the first person to come and tell you. Salman makes sure that everyone grows along with him. “He is not somebody who will step on your shoulder and move ahead, he will make sure that whoever is with him, he/she should grow with him and that is the best thing about him.”

Daisy says she plays a multi-layered character in the movie, which hits the screen this Friday. The film also gave her a chance to do action sequences for the first time. “We hardly used body doubles anywhere because we wanted to experience – me and Jacky (Jacqueline Fernandez) trained hard for the scenes. “I trained in kickboxing, few martial arts and the aerial training. A lot of hard work has gone into it and now looking on the big screen, it seems that it has paid off really well.” From being an assistant choreographer to acting in films, Daisy is a firm believer in destiny and is glad to have a mentor like Salman Khan by her side.

“I never thought about acting, I wanted to be an air hostess. You will never get anything in your life which is not written in your destiny. There are ways to portray your talent. I am glad I found Salman Khan when it comes to working in this industry. I hope that people who really want to make it, find their Salman Khan some day.”