Actor Sunny Leone recently made a canvas painting and donated it to cancer patients for charity. She also posted the picture of the painting on Instagram and revealed that it was her contribution towards the betterment of the cancer patients. Now, an anonymous Instagram handle that goes by the name Diet Sabya has called out Sunny for the same painting. The people behind the Instagram account are known to call out the ‘gandi copies‘ of the original stuff that celebrities often flaunt as their own. The handle is popular for slamming fashion designers for apparently taking ‘inspiration’ from other designers to create their own design. This time, however, Sunny was called out for her painting as the handle claimed it was a copy of an artist’s original work of art.

Diet Sabya took to social media and revealed that Sunny’s work of art was an absolute copy of the painting originally created by Malika Favre. The Instagram handle made a post tagging both Sunny and Malika and also putting the picture of the original painting along with Sunny’s picture of painting hers. The caption on the post read, “We are all for charity, but stealing an artists’ original work — without credit — and auctioning it off for charity (as your own) is just dirty. Left: original by @malikafavre; right: wtf by @sunnyleone #dietsabya #gandi #copy #art.” (sic)

Sunny, who is known to speak for herself on social media, didn’t stay quiet after the allegations. She commented on the post and cleared out how she never claimed that she was the original creator of the painting. Sunny revealed in her post that she was gifted a photo of the painting by someone and she liked the art, therefore, she decided to remake it on a canvas. The actor also highlighted how her intention behind making that painting matters the most and one should just see that.

Her post read, “Hello. Just to give you the correct information, I was given a photograph of this piece of art. I then decided to paint it! At no time did I claim to come up with the idea. I simply painted a piece of art that I saw and loved. It should be taken as a compliment as it was being donated to cancer patients for charity. Nothing more and nothing less. Sorry you don’t like the version that I choose to create while helping children in Need. The painting was not about you or I. It was about trying to help !!!! Best of luck !!!! Keep creating.” (sic).

Sunny Leone’s comment on Diet Sabya’s Post (Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ @dietsabya)

What do you think of the allegations and Sunny’s words in her defense?