Actor Esha Gupta has taken to social media to call out a man who allegedly kept lusting at her at a restaurant in Delhi. She took to her Instagram stories and Twitter and explained what actually happened. Esha revealed that while she was having food at a restaurant in Delhi, she realised that a well-dressed, seemingly educated man couldn’t stop staring at her. He allegedly continued with his offensive behaviour even after being warned. Later, as the actor revealed, she had to call her security to guard her like a wall to block the man’s vision.

Now, Esha has expressed concern about women safety and how men should be taught the difference between admiring a woman’s beauty and staring at her with lust in eyes. The Total Dhamaal-star mentioned that a man should know how to respect a woman when looking at her.

Further, when a few social media users asked her why she was speaking about the incident in public, Esha said that she wanted to tell the women that if a man’s gaze is making them feel uncomfortable, that calls for sexual harassment and one should raise voice against it. She added, “Which other woman has to go through this now for men to think it’s ok to STARE and think – ‘well I can’t touch her but let met stare at her throughout’… so much that I had to be covered. Isn’t that a crime? People like Rohit Vig exist and think it’s ok. It is not alright, won’t stand for this, won’t be quiet…”

Esha then posted the picture of the man she accused of harassing her. She wrote in her tweet: “ROHIT VIG- the man who thinks staring at a woman all night n making her uncomfortable is ok. He didnot touch me or say anything. But throughout stare. Not as a fan, not Cus m an actor, but because m a Woman. Where are we safe? Is being a woman a curse!” (sic)

Her other tweet read, “It’s not about being a celeb. What a normal girl has to go through? How can a man be above the law. I was having dinner. He came much later n took the table opp us. Why is it ok for men to think it is okay” (sic)

As per Section 354 that explains sexual harassment against a woman, it is offensive to stare at a woman if that makes her feel uncomfortable and a police complaint can be lodged against the offender.