Actor Arjun Rampal and his model-designer partner Gabriella Demetriades welcomed their first child Arik Rampal recently. Now, in her first interview after giving birth, Gabriella opened up on the changes the baby has brought in her life, how she never thought of having a child and the relationship between Arjun’s teenage daughters and the baby.

Talking to Mid-Day, Gabriella revealed her life is now centred around the baby and Arjun is a hands-on father. The popular designer said her partner is so good with Arik that she sometimes calls him out saying ‘give my son back.’ Gabriella also swore of Arjun’s relationship with his daughters Mahikaa and Myra. She added there’s such a great bond between the father and the girls that she wants to cultivate the same bonding between her and her son. Revealing that the girls love Arik, Gabriella said, “They love him. I see the relationship they have with Arjun, and it’s one of respect but they are friends too. I wish to have the same one with Arik when he grows up.”

Explaining how she would look at the couples having babies thinking she wasn’t ready to have one, the owner of Deme by Gabriella said the baby changed everything in her life. She said she’s the happiest now and loves her baby the most. “I was never one of those people who thought of having a baby. I am actually the youngest of my friends, and we would have conversations such as ‘ok, is it time to have a baby yet?’. I would even look at people having babies, and think ‘I don’t know if I want to do this’,” Gabriella elaborated.

The 32-year-old model made the motherhood sound more beautiful by saying, “It all happened very organically, and it may sound like a cliche now, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I used to think I was in love (with Arjun), but then Arik happened.”