You know you owe your being to your mother. You know she’s the only one who’ll be there for you when there’s no one around, when the time is difficult and when you feel like you are just getting tired from moving on in life. She will be the ray, she will hold your finger and make you learn to walk again… like she did when you were a child.

You know it’s all not that gimmicky and wrong when Karan Johar shows Shah Rukh Khan telling Jaya Bachchan in Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Gham ‘maa mere ane se pehle tumhe kaise pata chal jata hai…’ because well, mothers are like that. She will get to know when you need her the most. Isn’t it?

So, while the world celebrates the International Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, you take that extra effort and do something special for her. And if you are one of those who think every day is a mother’s day, you’re not wrong… you only need to make her realise that and what’s better than today to start?

Only because Bollywood has songs for every day, mood and spirit, here we have compiled a list of best Mother’s Day songs for you. Yes, some of them are highly emotional and very dramatic but your mother deserves all the extravagant things in the world – even extravagant emotions. So, plug in this playlist for her. Have fun!

Meri Maa – Taare Zameen Par

Ever since this song first hit the screens, it became one of the most emotional Hindi songs ever. The warmth of a mother’s touch is irreplaceable and so is the pain of being away from her.

Luka Chuppi – Rang De Basanti

Beautifully sung by Lata Mangeshkar, this track has everything that is sure to warm the cockles of your heart – voice, soul, music, lyrics, depth, emotions, separation, love and feelings that no word can contain.

Tu Kitni Achhi Hai – Raja Aur Runk

No matter who thinks what about your mom, for you, she’ll always the best woman you have ever met and will always be. This classic song from Hindi cinema perfectly defines the innocence of your mother and gives you both many reasons to relive your childhood. So, put your head in her lap and plug it in.

Meri Maa – Yaariyan

A mother’s love is for all. There’s no relation as pure as a mother’s with her child and that’s shown in this emotional rendition from Yaariyan. You can’t fathom the pain of a mother who has lost her child but you can also not measure the amount of strength a mother has to endure that pain – watch this number and you’ll understand what we are saying!

Aisa Kyu Maa – Neerja

This one is for all the lovely daughters who miss their moms. All of you who don’t get to see your mother often, play this track and it will transport you to the days when you could just relax as she was running her soft fingers in your hair or oiling your hair while giving you all the wonderful gyan in the world about protecting your tresses.

Chunar – ABCD 2

Does success mean anything to you if you don’t have your mother looking at you with the proud eyes full of tears and hands rising up to bless you? Chunar, sung by Arijit Singh, will fill you up with emotions to get back at life, start afresh and achieve what will make your mom happy.

Ye Bandhan Toh – Karan Arjun

You may find it little dramatic but isn’t this what you want to tell your mom – that she’s the best? Go on then!

“Mamta ke mandir ki hai, Tu sabse pyaari moorat
Bhagwan nazar aata hai, Jab dekhein teri soorat
Jab jab duniya mein aayein, Tera hi aanchal paayein
Janmon ki deewaron par, Hum pyaar apna likh jaayein”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms there! You. Are. Amazing.