Actor Hrithik Roshan might have kept deep silence in his battle with Kangana Ranaut but he doesn’t fear from speaking why does he prefer to not say anything in the matter. The actor, in his latest interview with an entertainment portal, revealed that he is fearless when it comes to being judged for not speaking out much in the matter. Hrithik said that he doesn’t care what the people think but he will always maintain his calm and keep his faith in himself.

Hrithik spoke to Pinkvilla and explained how people react to certain situations and circumstances depend on ‘season and social climate.’ He added that it doesn’t matter if people decide to not listen to you, what is important is the person keeps his faith alive. He was quoted saying, “Which words are applauded or understood, all depends on the social climate and seasons. If you’re going through a season where your words won’t be heard or understood, you need to still have infallible faith and that’s how my faith is. Aap ko jo karna hai aap kar lo. But my Faith in the fact that what I’m will manifest is unshakeable. So I have no fear.”

Hrithik went on to explain how he is a firm believer of the things happening in the universe and their effect on people’s lives. He said that he believes in ‘magic’ and understands that no judgement or explanation is required for any action when the universe is taking the note of everything. He said, “What helps me keep my focus is that I have a very naive faith in the universe. I believe in magic. I believe that life is more than what meets the eye. That what you are and what I’m truly inside will manifest eventually in the world.”

Emphasising that he doesn’t need to go loud about what he genuinely feels in life, Hrithik concluded, “There needs to be no fear, no justification or explanation and complaints. You will see what I’m anyway. I do not need to scream at the top of my voice.”