Filmmaker Karan Johar is a doting father to his kids Yash and Roohi Johar. The popular director opened up on the comments his posts about his kids receive on social media. Karan was present on a chat show with Arbaaz Khan when he reacted to one particular comment in which the user said he had a foreigner as his kids’ surrogated mother so that they don’t look Indian. Karan read out the comment and said that the ones making such comments know nothing about surrogacy and how the process works.

He told Arbaaz, “Honestly, they don’t know anything about the process. They haven’t understood the process of surrogacy and how you have an egg donor, and how if your children look a certain way, that could be the result of the egg donor, that is not necessarily out of the country. Sometimes there is an internal genetic pool that causes such change.”

He went on to talk about how people actually have a lot of time trolling his family because of how his kids look like. Karan said, ” I don’t want to get into the details but I feel like these people have a lot of free time to sit and stare and zoom into my children’s ears, nose, hairs, and sit and comment on them. I mean it’s okay if one of them says how will you give the love of mother and father. I mean its the new age of life. How do they know I don’t have a mother and a father in me, where I can get my child the love of both parents.”

Karan also reacted to the questions of whether he is able to give the love of both father and mother to his kids. He reacted by saying, “Yes conventionally and traditionally children are raised by a mother and a father and I get that, I am a single parent and it comes with its own set of challenges but that doesn’t mean that women and a man have different roles to play. Like I think that’s very stupid. Cause that’s an old world thinking. And I feel like I give enough love to my child. And also, I have a mother at home who they call mumma. I am co-parenting my children with my mother and I don’t think there can be a better relationship or a situation like that.”