Filmmaker Karan Johar is quite excited about his next film. He is returning back to direction after three years with Takht. The film is set in the Mughal backdrop and features a stunning star-cast comprising Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Bhumi Pednekar and Anil Kapoor. The filmmaker has now opened up on why he feels so much passionate about this project, it’s storyline and more.

Karan was the latest guest on Neha Dhupia‘s show, No Filter Neha when he talked about Takht. He also mentioned that while shooting for the film, he would be staying away from everything else beyond Takht. Karan revealed, “I can’t wait to get into the prep mode which I’ve already started off, I can’t wait to put this film on the floors and I can’t wait for the world to see it. I’m so excited with the cast-Ranveer, Vicky, Bhumi, Kareena, Janhvi, Alia and Anil Kapoor, who I’m working with for the first time. So I’ve told everybody in office that when I start that film, just leave me alone.

He also revealed when Takht is actually going on the floors. Karan added, “Like everything else, I’ll work up to that point but when I’m on the floors with Takht, then I just want to do that and nothing else. Six-eight months will be the filming period… when I start filming September August next year, I’m lost to the world and lost to the world of Takht”.

Karan Johar, (Photo Courtesy: Getty Images/

Karan Johar, (Photo Courtesy: Getty Images/


Apart from talking about his excitement and passion, Karan also, for the first time in the media, revealed the story of Takht. He said, “I am obsessed about the Mughal era ever since I can remember. That’s the one part of history that I was obsessed about it in terms of its visual texture, its content, the controversial content, the political betrayal, the love, the lust, the decadence, the debauchery, the madness, the violence-everything about that era is exotic and it’s gorgeous. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s something that I’ve always chased and wanted to kind of put up there. Finally, Sumit Roy, the writer came to me with the story of Dara and Aurangzeb (lead characters), which is pretty much the first time I’m saying what Takht is about. I think it is that part of history I’m so passionate about”.

Earlier, talking about how Takht is all set to break people’s appreciation about his filmmaking style, Karan told DNA, ” I’m often told, ‘Oh, you make movies that are only about rich people and first-world problems.’ So, I’m doing Takht thinking, ‘Maine kuchh naya nahin kiya hai’. But I hope to prove people wrong with it”.