From being body shamed to taking the audience by surprise with her ‘size zero’ frame, from getting married at the peak of her career to walking the fashion ramp flaunting her baby bump and returning to work immediately after giving birth — actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has done it all and more.

With two big-budget films and several brand endorsements in the pipeline, the actress says she is the lone decision maker of her achievements. Kareena was speaking at a launch event in Mumbai when she opened up on her career and how she handles stardom with all ease and grace. Here are a few interesting statement she made:

On her own choices:
“There was no blueprint that I had when I started my journey in the film industry. As you know, I started quite young. But definitely, I have built my own image because I always been very conscious of my choices. Every film, brand endorsement or social cause that I have associated with, all the decisions were mine.”

On her achievements:
“Whatever I have achieved so far, the way my career has panned out in the entertainment business, it is all mine. I do not blame or credit anyone for my success and struggle.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan (Photo Courtesy: Getty Images)


On crediting directors for polishing her performance:
“I’ve always said that I am really a director’s actor so if I really want to give any credit for my good performances in films, I would say it goes to the director who brought out the best performer in me.”

On being an ambassador of Swasth Immunised India campaign:
“For a celebrity like me, who has always received love from people and youngsters feel connected with me, it is important to utilise the platform for some substantial reason. When it comes to this campaign, it was a perfect cause for me being a young mother.”

On working hard to maintain an image:
“People always try to write off a married woman and unnecessarily criticise her. Yes, we face that issue… so, breaking the glass ceiling has probably happened with me, and the generation I represent.”

Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan

Saif Ali Khan, Taimur Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan (Picture Courtesy: @Instagram.taimurfc)


On inspiring others:
“People compared me with actresses who are younger than me. I mean with Alia Bhatt (laughs), but it has been unheard of earlier that even after marriage and my pregnancy, I continued working and got a number of brands and projects. I am living a normal life, but it is inspiring for youngsters. I am happy that I inspire them to become an achiever.”

On balancing work and family:
“Look, it is not just Taimur but I also manage time for my family. Balancing professional and personal life is an art and I have learnt it. But, I think I do it because I love spending time with my family and with Taimur. When you love something, you find a way to do it.”

On finding time for the family:
“Giving family quality time is something that I have worked on, even before my baby was born because my family is my strength. In a way, I think balancing every aspect of my life comes quite naturally to me.”

(With inputs from IANS)