Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan says that when she is with her son Taimur Ali Khan, there’s nothing else in the world that matters. The actor spoke about his obsession with his little munchkin to a news channel and said that she always wants to adore her child whenever she’s around him. The actor said she always ‘wants to bite his bum and kiss him and cuddle him’.

Kareena went on to reveal that her husband Saif Ali Khan often tells her that she is spoiling Taimur. The actor talked to News18 and revealed that Saif is the one who is more concerned about Taimur’ discipline. She said the actor asked her to do things in a certain way so that their kid learns from that but she behaves in a more easy manner.

The actor was quoted by the news channel saying, “According to Saif, I spoil him silly. He’s like ‘You don’t know how to discipline him.’ And obviously, Saif is like don’t do this… you have to do this and you have to do that… .” She added that she feels her husband has a better experience of bringing up children in the right way and therefore, she doesn’t mind Saif instructing her. She said, “I think he has more experience and he is doing a wonderful job because he is giving so much time to Taimur.”

Both Saif and Kareena are doting parents to Taimur Ali Khan. While Saif is often spotted giving the boy a piggyback ride, Kareena too makes sure she spends as much time as she can with the kid amid her busy schedule. Recently, Saif displayed a strong character as Taimur’s father and instructed the paparazzi to not use flash while clicking his child. It happened at the airport when the photographers started clicking Taimur. The actor told them to back off and stop otherwise his ‘child will go blind.’ Later, while talking to the media, he said that he has to protect his kids and he will always do that.