The episode starts with Anurag helping Prerna in serving drinks to the guests. Meanwhile, Mohini looks on angrily as an evidently irritated Prerna walks away from Anurag only to be followed by him. Anurag helps her serve more drinks so that she gets free to talk to him and reveal the reason for avoiding him. In the Sharma house, Shivani is seen wondering why Prerna canceled her call and assumes she must have seen Anurag before her and went ahead with confessing her feelings of love to him.

Shivani then gets a call from an anonymous person and is shown threatening him never to call back again as all that they had was history and she no longer feels anything for him. Back in the Basu house, Moloy stops Prerna from serving the drinks but an adamant worker that she is, Prerna calls it her responsibility to look after the house guests and continues after Moloy introduces her as his personal secretary and Rajesh’s daughter, calling her a hard working woman.

Anurag takes Prerna in a corner and an argument ensues between the two post which Prerna breaks into tears and Anurag leaves the situation angrily. In an attempt to put a stop to this budding romance, Mohini announces Anurag’s love for his ex-girlfriend Mishka and persuades them for a couple dance. Prerna and Moloy look shocked as the guests along with Nivedita clap in excitement and congratulate the soon-to-be-engaged couple.

On the other hand, Komolika, irritated by the slow driving skills of her driver, takes the steering from his hand and leaving him on the road, drives at a rash speed after declaring her hate for rules and those who do not respect speed. Coming back to the party, Prerna breaks down into tears again on seeing the sensuous dance between Mishka and Anurag and leaves the party as Anupam and Moloy discuss this sudden state of affairs unraveling without their prior knowledge. On the road, a heartbroken Prerna walks aimlessly when suddenly Komolika’s car halts right before her. Shrieking on Prerna for singling out her car to die under, Komolika in between her angry outburst notices that Prerna looks distraught. Guessing the reason behind it to be a heartbreak, Komolika advices Prerna to play with hearts instead of allowing her to be played with.

She gets into her car and speeds of with a warning that next time she wouldn’t be too generous in pulling the brakes to save her hence, Prerna should find another vehicle to die under. The episode ends with a teary eyed Prerna realising that Anurag had never once confessed his love for her and that she had read too much into his friendship.

The precap of the nextepisode shows Mohini urging Anurag to admit before everyone that he is happy with her decision while Prerna, on entering her house, is shown following a river of blood that leads to Shivani’s unconsious body lying on the ground with her wrist cut open and profusely bleeding next to a kitchen knife.

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