Today’s episode starts with Moloy and Mohini arguing whether Anurag was happy with Mohini’s decision to publically announce his presumed love for Mishka or not. While Moloy is of the opinion that she should have taken Anurag’s prior consent, Mohini objects saying that she doesn’t need her son to speak out his wishes verbally since their bond was such that she understood what went in her son’s heart without his ever mentioning it. She narrates incidents from the past where she had successfully proved this point yet Moloy seems unconvinced.

On the other hand, Prerna continues to walk aimlessly on the road recalling the fateful moment when Mohini spilled beans on Anurag’s relationship with Mishka in the party that night. She reaches the paan stall and recalls the previous moments she had spent with Anurag there. Suddenly it begins to rain and Prerna breaks down as nostalgia hits her hard. One by one she recalls all the romantic moments the two shared in the rain. She calls out to Anurag in her heart which is heard by Anurag in the party as his dance with Mishka comes to an end.

Excusing Mishka away from his sisters, Anurag takes her to his room to explain that all that happened for too quick for him to grasp and that he had no idea but is cut short by Mishka who proposes him and says she cannot afford to lose him again. While she hugs Anurag, Mohini enters clapping and says she has never heard a girl propose better. She takes Mishka away while Anurag ponders why he is not happy with his mother’s consent on this relationship unlike previously when he had desperately wanted this.

In Sharma Nivas, Prerna still in the grip of old memories with Anurag decides to tell Shivani that she couldn’t express out her love in front of Anurag and decides to keep the Mishka part of the story hidden. Looking out for Shivani, Prerna finds her lying in a pool of blood with her wrist cut open. Prerna calls out to her family members and together they take Shivani to the hospital panicking along the way.

In Basu house, Nivedita congratulates Mohini for her fantastic move to throw Prerna out of Anurag’s life but Mohini refuses to acknowledge this reason behind announcing Mishka and Anurag’s relationship. Nivedita leaves unconvinced and Moloy comes next, still insisting that she should have consulted him and Anurag before the announcement. Irritated, Mohini calls up Anurag before everyone to express his true feelings for Mishka. Anurag hesitates at this uncalled limelight and stammers when Moloy receives a call briefing him about Shivani’s suicide and leaves immediately followed by Anurag.

In the hospital, the Sharma family stresses and consoles each other while Prerna’s sister-in-law wonders what led to Shivani committing suicide. Moloy and Anurag reach the hospital and inquire about the situation after which Anurag runs off to find Prerna outside the operation theatre. Find her crying terribly, Anurag tries to console her when Prerna hugs him breaking into more tears.

In the pre-cap of the next episode, Prerna tells Anurag about Shivani’s wish to go and confess her feelings for him but stops midway. On the other hand, Shivani regains conscious and reveals that she is pregnant.

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