There were many reports of Govinda and nephew Krushna Abhishek not being in good terms. Both Govinda and Krushna’s family have accepted the fact that things are not going to get mended between the two and it will remain the way it is. Bombay Times spoke to both Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja and Krushna where they revealed on how things have gone sour over the years and will remain that way. Govinda’s wife cannot get over how Krushna had spoken ill about them behind their back. Sunita says, “Krushna’s claim to fame has always been the fact that he is Govinda’s bhanja. He has milked that enough. He has lived with us for years and we have always loved him. It’s a shame that they talk rubbish about us behind our back.”

Sunita has made it clear that this time she will not try to mend things and let it remain the way it is. They have broken all ties with Krushna and his wife Kashmera Shah. “We have distanced ourselves from them and it won’t change ever,” says Sunita. Talking about not being present at Krushna’s twins’ birthday party, Sunita said that they were in London at that time and also that they were not invited. Krushna, on the other hand, had another story to share. He said that he did invite Govinda and his family but they were in London. Krushna even added that he was hurt when Govinda did not come to see one of his twins when he was hospitalised. Another instance that got Sunita upset was on a post that Kashmera shared online where she called them ‘People who dance for money.’ Krushna claimed that the post was not for Govinda and his wife but was for his sister Arti. Krushna said, “I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t about them.”

“Govinda is a superstar. I told Kashmera to delete the post and apologise to mami even though it wasn’t meant for her. But they just wouldn’t budge. Thereafter, I realised that there was no point trying to patch up,” he added.