Lisa Haydon had posted a picture of her breastfeeding her baby, Zack Lalvani, a while back, on Instagram. The actress was trolled for posting the picture. While some called it an attention-seeking move, others tried to sexualise the photo. Lisa’s picture marked the occasion of World’s Breastfeeding Week. She wrote about the benefits of breastfeeding and how nursing brings a mother and her child closer.

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Now, almost a year later, the actress expressed her views on being mercilessly trolled for the above post. While talking to IANS, the actress revealed that she was surrounded with so much of negativity when she had made that post on Instagram. Lisa said, “I certainly felt uncomfortable at times when I was asked if I was still breastfeeding my baby and it had only been four months. Some people told me I am not a cow, my baby should not feed off me and there were many things that made”.

She also talked about breastfeeding and how it helped her stay in shape. Lisa added, “I felt very fortunate and blessed to be able to breastfeed my kid for as long as I did. I would definitely encourage every mother to do so, and it is something I definitely stand by”.

Lisa Haydon Zack Lalvani

The actress, who is away from the mainstream industry for a while now, went on to say, “All mothers should nurse their children since it helps the two bond as motherhood has helped me learn how to pick and choose more than before because now I have the time to do it”.

To all our dear trolls, get a life!