Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi featuring actress Kangana Ranaut is doing well at the box office but storm surrounding it refuses to end anytime soon. It all started when actor Sonu Sood walked out of the movie after the actress took over as the director. The lady stated that he left the project as he didn’t want to work under the female director. In her recent interview, Kangana lashed out at the actor asking him the reason he is maligning her movie. She further said that he is not allowed to speak about Manikarnika as his contract was terminated.

While talking to Indian Express, she said, “Sonu Sood is not allowed to talk about the project. He should not be speaking about the film as his contract was terminated. He doesn’t hold any sort of participation in the film. Why is he maligning the film? So, these people have deep-rooted agendas.”

Earlier, when Kangana came out saying that Sonu has the problem of working with the female director, he said that the actress has made the entire issue about male chauvinism and it is ridiculous.

She made her directorial debut with the movie as she helmed the project with filmmaker Krish. The latter accused her of taking the credit of the film. He said, “I had to remain quiet for the sake of the film and for the entire team which worked so hard on the film. But now, if I don’t speak about what Kangana did to the film I’d be doing a disservice to all our hard work. Many people advised me to talk after the film was taken away from me. I’d say what I directed was pure gold. Kangana turned it into silver.”

Kangana reacted to it saying some people are trying to damage the film adding that they have to deal with the fact that after 12 years of struggle I am here where I am.

Manikarnika is bankrolled by Zee Studios in association with Kamal Jain & Nishant Pitti.