National Award-winning director Praveen Morchhale filed a case against Maddock Films and writer Niren Bhatt on August 28 alleging that the story of their upcoming film titled Bala is similar to the story of his film that is registered with the Film Writers’ Association. In his latest interview with a news daily now, Morchhale opened up on the case and the intention behind going to the court.

The director of Walking with the Wind filed a case against Ayushmann Khurrana‘s Bala in the Bombay High Court under the Copyright Act 1957. While interacting with Mumbai Mirror, the director said there’s a high possibility that the makers of Bala heard the story of his film from somewhere as he had narrated it to many people in the past. He was quoted saying, “I’ve met hundreds of people and narrated my story to them, anyone could have put the idea in their minds. Since I have registered my concept and script, I can narrate it to as many people as I want, nobody can copy it.”

Highlighting the similarity between his story and the story of the Amar Kaushik-directorial, Morchhale said he read about the film in a news article and after some research, he got to know that it’s similar to his story. “Even my script was about how the protagonist copes up with this unique and bizarre scenario,” he said.

The director went on to say that he is clear he doesn’t want to leave the case if the story of his film has been copied by the makers of Bala. “If my idea or screenplay has been borrowed, completely or even partly, they will be liable to an injunction from the court. This case is filed to make a statement that you cannot just take off on somebody’s copyrighted idea or screenplay,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Maddock has denied having received any information about the case being filed against them. A representative from the production company said Maddock refuses to have any association with Morchhale’s story.  “Maddock is not aware of any case being filed against it by Mr Morchhale and denies that he has anything to do with its film Bala. Nobody from Maddock has ever met with Mr Morchhale or is even aware of him being associated with a story of a bald man,” – the statement said.