Everyone goes through that phase in life when you feel nothing is working in your favour and you just want to hide from the world and think ‘this shall too pass.’ Actor Parineeti Chopra has now opened up about the same phase of her life. While speaking on a show recently, the actor revealed what all she went through when she didn’t have money, work, relations or even a goal to keep it going. The actor is currently promoting her upcoming film Jabariya Jodi and during a promotional interview with Sidharth Malhotra, her co-actor in the film, she talked about the worst phase of her life.

Parineeti said on Tapecast that it was towards the end of the year 2014 and the entire 2015 when she refused to meet anyone and started feeling depressed. However, she clarified it was not clinical depression that she had. Parineeti said that after her films Daawat-e-Ishq (2014) and Kill Dil (2014) failed to impress the audience at the Box Office, something broke inside her and she had no money. The actor added that she also faced a heartbreak during that time which further worsened the situation for her. “That was my first setback. Suddenly I didn’t have money. I had bought a house and done big investments. Then I went through a big heartbreak in my life. Literally, all departments in my life were down and I had nothing positive to look forward to,” said Parineeti.

Explaining in detail, she revealed that she had stopped eating, taking a proper sleep or even connecting with friends. Parineeti said that she refused to meet everyone including her family members and behaved like a ‘typical depressed girl’ and would just simply lie at one place all day long. “I was gone. I just used to be in my room, watching TV, sleeping, getting up, staring all day. I was a zombie. I was a typical filmy depressed girl. I would curl up on my sofa and sleep, falling ill all the time. I didn’t meet the media for almost six months,” she explained.

The actor, who is also gearing up for the Saina Nehwal biopic and The Girl On The Train, went on to say that her brother Sahej Chopra was one person she used to confide in. Parineeti also mentioned her friend Sanjana who helped her a lot to come out of that phase. She then revealed that she also had chest pain and she could do nothing about it. “I was always crying and upset. I had chest pain that would not go out of my body. I’ve never felt actual clinical depression. It happened in that year, but started getting better towards the starting of 2016,” said the actor who debuted in Bollywood with Ishaqzaade.

Parineeti said that soon when she started taking charge of herself, she realised how important that phase was for her to grow. The actor said that she started working on herself and concentrated on her health, and also signed a few films – Golmaal Again (2017) and Meri Pyari Bindu (2017). She also moved into a new house. Now, when Parineeti looks back at that phase, she feels grateful that she went through the worst time of her life at an early age of 25 because she feels better prepared to face any failure in life.

“Today if any kind of failure hits me, I’m definitely better prepared. I thank God everyday that this didn’t happen to me later. I am so glad it happened when I was 25. That jhatka (shock) so early can really fix you for life,” Parineeti said.

She concluded her story of the emotional struggle by saying “I call myself a loser for that phase, but it was the biggest win of my life.”