Everyone wants a sight of the newly confirmed couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. There are even rumours of the two moving in together. Priyanka recently attended one of Nick’s cousin’s wedding and also went out for a lunch date in Loss Angeles. The couple was spotted last week where Priyanka was wearing an olive green jacket and the back side of her jacket had a quote saying, “never say never.” Priyanka will be returning to India soon for her housewarming and to shoot for Salman Khan’s Bharat.

A source revealed to Bollywood life about their dinner date and said, “Nick and Priyanka sat in a corner booth, and shared the chocolate bread pudding and a plate of fresh baked cookies.” The source even revealed how Nick could not get his eyes off Priyanka. “Nick was really attentive to Priyanka. He hardly took his eyes off her all night, and they were deep in conversation the whole time,” the source added. Talking about their chemistry, the source says, “They were holding hands over the table at one point, and Priyanka leaned into Nick and rested her head on his shoulder. The chemistry between them was really noticeable. Nick picked up the check and left a really great tip. They were both very friendly and nice to all the staff, and they make a super cute couple!”

Priyanka, in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel, was asked about dating Nick. “Are you dating Nick Jonas? Isn’t he like 11 years old?” joked Jimmy. Priyanka replied to this by saying, “We were both wearing Ralph Lauren and we decided to go together. I didn’t ask his age. Eleven? I didn’t know that.” During an interview with E!, Nick’s brother Kevin Jonas, talks about how he met Priyanka. He said, “We have met her in the past. She is super-awesome. But, that’s Nick’s thing and he can say what he wants to say.”