Bollywood actor Rahul Khanna has a suave personality that leaves most of his fans swooning over him, and it is not just his good looks that attract them to him. The Wake Up Sid actor has not been seen much on the movie scene, but that does not mean that he is not on social media where his fans get to keep up to date with him. Recently, he shared a picture of himself online and while his fans have gone gaga over it, his witty comeback to their comments is equally interesting.

Taking to his Instagram page, Rahul shared a picture of himself clad only in a pair of red shorts while sitting in a pool by the edge of a jungle. The picture, which he captioned simply as, “Welcome to the jungle!” has garnered over 14,600 likes and over 400 comments.

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Rahul, who is the son of late veteran actor Vinod Khanna, responded to some of the comments and reactions from the fans, and they are funny and witty at the same time.

When one fan wrote, “Oh my heart, forgot how to breathe because my lungs were beating in my head and my nerves were tangling around my stomach and butterflies flew out of my mouth and all you did was turn back and smile.” Rahul, who goes by @mrkhanna on Instagram, replied, “This would make a fascinating medical case study!”

Another fan complained of being distracted by the picture from studies, and Rahul promptly advised “Please close Instagram and get back to the books.” Another person wrote about loss of interest in work and Rahul asked, “Can you take the day off?”

When yet another person commented on the picture by saying, “Well, this looks straight out of non published version of The Jungle Book,” Rahul said it was his favourite movie.

Another person commented, “If Mowgli looks like this, I don’t mind living in the jungle all my life.” Nobody would mind actually.