Ranbir Kapoor will soon be seen on the big screen as Sanjay Dutt in Rajkumar Hirani’s next. The actor is currently busy with the promotions of Sanju which will hit theatres next Friday. Kapoor will return to the theatres with Sanju after almost a year of his last year – Jagga Jassos which starred Katrina Kaif. Though the film received a mixed response from the critics, the audience did not accept RK and his detective drama. For the first time, Ranbir Kapoor in a candid conversation opened up about Jagga Jasoos and its failure and how it affected him.

Jagga Jasoos was in the news because the film had got pushed multiple times. Though the shoot of the film began in 2014, it hit theatres only in 2017. Several portions of the film had to be reshot which delayed the film even more and despite all of this, the audience did not like Ranbir’s last offering. While talking about his last failure to Film Companion, Ranbir said, “It (Jagga Jasoos) broke my heart and my bank. It was a very, I can’t say complicated character because it’s a pretty simple and a pretty basic one, but there were a lot of complications behind it to make it look that simple and basic.

Jr Kapoor also added, “I think we had too much on our plate – firstly, it was a detective film, the character stammers, it’s a musical, he’s finding his father, there is a love story, it’s episodic – so it was very hard. I’m not very good with dialogues, so I was very happy to work on Barfi!, where I didn’t have to say anything, and this, where I spoke less. So I didn’t have to memorize lines, which was great. But I think the challenge in this film was to not make the stammering sound irritating and also when you sing the songs, it was meant to be like a dialogue. So it’s not like a song, it’s not like you’re performing a song which is in a surrealistic zone, it’s very real.”