Producer Boney Kapoor recently announced that he is planning to have a reboot of Mr. India, the superhero film that featured his late wife Sridevi. Now, in his latest interaction with a daily, he opened up a bit more about the project. Boney revealed that he decided to make Mr. India again because he wants the film to live forever and a plan to turn it into a franchise would do exactly the same. He also said that actor Anil Kapoor is going to be a part of it along with others who were a part of the original film.

Boney told HT Cafe in an interview that Mr. India is close to his heart because that was the first time he met his wife and got to spend time with her. The producer then said that a reboot is his ode to all those stars who are not here with us today but who made Mr. India a super successful film then and that includes Sridevi. He was quoted saying, “It’d be my ode to Sri and to Veeru (Veeru Devgan, who died recently) and Amrish Puri and everyone who contributed to the film. But the most to Sri, because she was the sole selling factor of the film.” Boney went on to say that it would mean a lot to him if he is able to get back as many people as he could from the original to be a part of the new Mr. India film. He said, “Anil will be a part of the film. In fact, I’d want most people from the original to be a part of this. It’d mean a lot to me if they contributed to the film.”

Talking about how he has planned to begin the film, Boney revealed that there’s no timeline planned but he’ll make sure the ‘reboot is done and the franchise remains alive for generations to come.’ Later, reminiscing the old times, the father of four kids said that even though the shoot was planned for a little over two months, it went on for four months but Sridevi behaved extremely cooperative. He said, “My only condition was that I needed 60-65 days, but we ended up shooting for 125 days because she was passionate about the project and knew it needed that kind of time.”