A few days back, Rishi Kapoor had shared a post on Twitter where he mentioned about his ill health and that he will be travelling to the US for some medical treatment. He shared another video two days ago where with Anupam Kher where Rishi’s hair was grey. This left his fans and followers wondering what was the reason behind his grey hair. There were many speculations since just a few days back he mentioned about his treatment. In a recent tweet, Rishi cleared all speculations and revealed that he got his hair coloured for an upcoming project.

He even went on to mention that the film is yet to be given a title and is directed by Hitesh Bhatia.

Rishi clarified the news on Twitter and wrote, “This is to dispel all notions and wrong speculations of my hair turning grey/white overnight. My hair was dyed by Awan Contractor for a film produced by Honey Trehan and Sony pictures directed by Hitesh Bhatia. Film is untitled. Trust this clears the air”.

In another tweet, he wrote, “This is the final look of the film. Sharma ji. All grey! Will revert to original hair colour soon”.

Clearing all the speculations about his health, Rishi even added pictures of his transformation.

Check out Rishi Kapoor’s tweet here:

In his earlier tweet about his health, Rishi wrote, “Hello all! I am taking a short leave of absence from work to go to America for some medical treatment. I urge my well wishers not to worry or unnecessarily speculate. It’s been 45 years “plus”of wear and tear at the movies. With your love and good wishes,I will be back soon!”.