Actor Rishi Kapoor has taken to Twitter to speak his mind on the tension between Indian and Pakistan. The actor, who’s currently in New York, tweeted in support of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and said that India doesn’t want a war but end of terrorism and Pakistan should extend its hand in help. The veteran actor has been away from the movie business for sometime because of an undisclosed illness. He made a tweet this morning, on March 10, and wrote, “Agree with @arunjaitley If Pakistan truly wants to root out terrorism as they say so,they should join hands with India to do so. We and you have nothing against our respective civilians. If Imran cannot, Pakistan Army or ISI should do it. Think!” (sic)

The tweet was made in regard to Jaitley’s latest interview with a news channel. In the interview, the minister shared his opinion on why Pakistan has been dismissing India’s air-strike and not helping to curb terrorism. He said, “The Pakistan army had created a big aura about its prowess among Pakistanis, and it did not want its image to be dented. That is why they tweeted that Indian aircraft came, dropped 1,000 kg payloads on an open area and fled. Had the Pakistan army admitted that IAF aircraft crossed its air space and bombed its buildings, the first question that would have been raised was, what was the extent of damage? Experts would have come for a survey of the buildings and would have asked who were the people staying inside.”

Commenting on the demands of revealing the count of the terrorists killed in the air-strike, Jaitley said the operational details of army attacks are never shared by any country. He even took the US’ example and said, “The army or the air force doesn’t share operational details in public anywhere in the world. The US carried out attack in Abbotabad (Pakistan), killed Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, took his body away and threw it into the ocean. No operational details were shared.”