Apart from being multi-starrers, there is another common thread which binds films like Masti, Housefull, Malamaal Weekly, Dhamaal and Apna Sapna Money Money together — actor Riteish Deshmukh.

Having started his career over 16 years ago with the standalone film Tujhe Meri Kasam, Riteish has mostly featured in multi-starrers. And he has no qualms about it.

“Why should I have any problem with that. For me, a good role and a good script matter the most,” Riteish told IANS in Mumbai.

“First of all when you do a multi-starrer film, one should know what part he/she is doing. If you are happy with it, you should go for it and give 100 per cent to it,” he said.

The 40-year-old feels people need to change their attitude towards multi-starrers.

“It is not easy to make a multi-starrer film. The more the actors, more the responsibilities on a director. Proper coordination is needed between the actors while shooting. Films like Housefull and Dhamaal can’t be made alone (with a single actor). Such films need multiple actors. Such scripts require multiple talents.

“And honestly speaking, a multi-starrer film reflects the real abilities of an actor. Among several other talented actors, if you are able to impress the audience then that shows your real powers.”

Riteish said people should now start using “ensemble” cast instead of the word “multi-starrer”.

“Multi-starrer is not a wrong term, but ensemble cast sounds much better because now each actor plays a unique character and contributes equal part in the film. The concept of multi-starrer films has evolved with time. It would be better if we all start using ensemble cast than a multi-starrer film,” he added.

According to him, there is more scope of “improvement and learning new things” while working with multiple actors.

Riteish, who has worked with stars like Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgn and Arshad Warsi in the just-released Total Dhamaal said: “When you work with different actors, you get to learn different things from them.

“I worked with both Anil sir and Madhuri ma’am in this film. We all know how talented they are. It was like a dream come true because I have grown up watching them. While shooting with them, it was like I was learning a new thing about acting from them every other day.”

Total Dhamaal, the third installment of Indra Kumar’s Dhamaal franchise, released on Friday.