Actor Salman Khan is yet again launching two actors in the movie business – Pranutan Bahl, daughter of actor Mohnish Bahl and Zaheer Iqbal, son of Salman’s dear family friend. The two are debuting in the industry with Notebook, which hits the theatres this week. While this is not the first time Salman is seen making his production house a launchpad for debutants, he says he doesn’t want to be launching the kids of all his friends.

In his latest interview with a daily, Salman opened up on why he keeps introducing new actors in the industry, majorly those who are the kids of his friends. He talked to DNA and said, “Aayush (Sharma) and Warina (Hussain) were launched by me last October in LoveYatri. Barely five months later, my production house is backing Pranutan and Zaheer. It’s good to do so because new talent should come in. Both of them have trained hard.”

The superstar went on to say, “I’ve got lots of friends, they have children, but we’re not looking to launch all of them — only those who, we feel, will do well, have the personality, are hard-working and have a passion for a career in movies. So, Zaheer and Pranutan have worked hard to earn their breaks.”

The actor, who’s himself gearing up for the release of his next film Bharat with Katrina Kaif, also explained why Zaheer is cut to be a mainstream Bollywood actor. He said, “Zaheer is a dear friend’s son, he has been with us since his childhood. When he showed a leaning towards movies, I asked him to train hard first. He has been doing so since Jai Ho (2014). He has attended courses in acting, diction, action and dancing; in short, all the things that an actor needs to be equipped in.”

Salman also revealed that Zaheer had to undergo his part of the struggle before getting the screen break. He said, “Every day, we would send him to auditions, never mind if nothing came out, but it was a part of his training. He’s got the personality of a hero, so we call him Zahero. He’s a good swimmer, he plays squash and table tennis quite well, too, and is adept at roller-blade skating as well as cycling. He’s respectful, well-mannered and has had a good upbringing.”

Notebook, directed by Nitin Kakkar is set in the backdrop of Kashmir and is an old-school love story. The film is set in the era in which love and relationships were not dependent on the existence of social media and mobile phones. It shows a couple who interact through a notebook, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. The film is releasing on March 29.