The Haryana Police early this week arrested gangster Sampat Nehra who was planning to kill Salman Khan. Nehra is a sharpshooter and a part of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang. Bishnoi had threatened to kill Salman Khan in January. Nehra also belongs to Rajasthan’s Bishnoi community which pursued the blackbuck poaching case against the actor. Bishnoi is running the network from jail and has been in touch with Nehra and other aides through mobile phones

According to Satheesh Balan, deputy inspector general, Haryana STF, “Preliminary questioning during the journey from Hyderabad has revealed that Salman Khan was on the gang’s hitlist and Nehra alone had been assigned to execute the operation. He went to Mumbai for two days and clicked photographs, took note of the actor’s movement around the balcony and house in Galaxy Apartment, possibly to gauge the distance and weaponry required.”

Another official in the know-how of this case revealed, ” He stayed in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. After the first recce, Nehra wanted to maintain a low profile and had been camping in Hyderabad for the past 20 days. He was going to return to Mumbai in a few days for another recce. ” Nehra is reportedly a key member of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang and accused in a lot of cases that include murder, extortion and carjacking. Nehra was arrested along with the aides in a carjacking case in 2016, but was later released on bail. Nehra met Bishnoi when they were both lodged in a Patiala Jail.