Actor Sanjay Dutt had a tough past but he has returned to do films, take care of his family and watch his kids Shahraan and Iqra grow up well. The actor is currently gearing up for his next film titled Prassthanam which is the first production venture of his wife Maanayata Dutt. In a candid chat recently, both Sanjay and Maanayata opened up on how things changed after the actor’s incarceration and how they both are standing like a rock for each other facing whatever comes in life now.

Sanjay Dutt is soon going to start a film with veteran actor Rishi Kapoor who is returning to India after year-long cancer treatment in New York. The actor mentioned that after facing so much in his life now, he is taking inspiration from ‘Chintu ji’ and just want to do good films and spend time with the family. He was quoted by Mumbai Mirror saying, “The dark clouds are gone, I am finally at peace. Like Chintu sir, I am happiest on a film set and now, I can do the work I want to do. Films like Bhuj (Bhuj: The Pride of India), which is about the 1971 Indo-Pak war during which my tribal character and some ladies help Ajay’s (Devgn) Air Force officer by building an air-strip overnight in Bhuj. It’s a lovely story of heroism.”

Adding that Sanjay is at so much peace now that he no longer feels disturbed thinking about a few things life didn’t offer him, Maanayata said, “Earlier, he used to be disturbed, his father didn’t live to hear the court say that he was not a terrorist and acquit him from TADA charges. That had tarnished the family name and bothered him for years.”

The couple further said that they are blessed to have found each other for life. Sanjay has always expressed just how much he loves Maanayata and how important she is in his life. Elaborating on the same, the actor once again said his wife acted like a ‘support system’ after his father passed away. “She never let me fall, she was always there to pick me up. I’m proud and fortunate to have a wife like her. Her focus has always been home, husband, kids and her work,” he said.

Maanyata added to the same by saying it’s not she who’s the driving force of the relationship but her husband who always protected her against all odds. “For all those who say I am his anchor, I say, he is the sail I set up to protect myself from storms. He’s always stood strong for the kids and me. Even when he was inside, he was worried for us,” she said.