Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan recently shared a video where he urges his fans to lend support to the brave acid attack survivors. Shah Rukh, as we all know, has been supporting these brave hearts through his Meer Foundation. The video was made by Vogue where CEO of Hothur foundation Kulsum Shadab Wahab said, “Meer Foundation and Hothur Foundation joined hands with Vogue India to spread awareness and empower these survivors”.

The Baazigar actor too had a powerful message for all and was seen in the video saying, “Beauty is not skin deep, is often said but not really felt. We all need well, but we look away, we shy away from looking at things that are unpleasant, yet we want social acceptance for ourselves, we discriminate from inside, yet we fight for empowerment, yes we all need well, but we do look away”.

Here’s the video:

Shah Rukh’s Meer Foundation was established to provide support to acid attack survivors through medical treatment, legal aid, rehabilitation and vocational training. Hothur Foundation, on the other hand, aims at uplifting underprivileged by providing them with basic amenities, such as quality educations, medical aid, maternity guidance, counselling and matrimonial aid for girls. Both Meer and Hothur foundation came together to make acid attack victims free from all the social evils and heartless acts of violence and discrimination.